Oldest Swiss bank to close in US tax evasion case

I am sure the ghouls in the U.S. Department of “Justice” – you know, the same organization that provided legal cover for U.S. presidents to torture people – are celebrating, today. They have managed to destroy Wegelin & Co., the oldest Swiss private bank, which had no offices in the United States and first began serving customers prior to the American revolution.

Wegelin’s “crime?” Helping American citizens protect their property from plunder by the American empire. Mind you, imperial officials consider protecting property from plunder to be “tax evasion” and consider such activity to be a crime. In Wonderland, you see, plunder isn’t a crime, but protecting one’s property from plunder is a crime.

The Wegelin case is part of a mystifying pattern of Swiss banks rolling over in front of the U.S. government. How did the once-proud Swiss government become a lapdog of the U.S. government? How weak! What was the U.S. going to do? Invade? Bomb Zurich? I think not.

My best guess is that fascism explains the shameful failure of the Swiss government to protect its people. Large Swiss banks and other businesses want access to the U.S. market, even at the price of turning the Swiss government into a U.S. poodle. They were probably informed that unless Swiss laws on banking privacy were repealed or gutted, said market access would be suspended. Thus, the largest Swiss companies prevailed upon their government, which they now control, to accede to U.S. demands.

People spent so much time and energy worrying about the communists and socialists. Meanwhile, the fascists took their freedom.

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