NY Times comes clean on "fiscal cliff" deal

After lying about the tax consequences of the Senate’s New Year’s Eve legislation to avert the manipulatively-named “fiscal cliff,” The New York Times finally admits the deal means “A Bigger Tax Bite for Most.”

Predictably, the Times waited until after the House voted its assent to the tax increase to tell the truth to its readers.

The great mass of the American people are now mere spectators in a political theater. Elected Republicans and Democrats pretend to fight on a stage built for them by their patrons in the banking, defense, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and energy guilds, as well as their spiritual allies in the big private and public unions. Big media reviews the actors and the scripts in a way that keeps the theater seats filled, but without ever disclosing who produces the plays.

Only after the theater closes for the night, when it is too late to boo the actors on stage, do we spectators learn that this particular play will add $4 trillion to the deficit according to CBO estimates, provide billions in subsidies for the producers of the play, and cut our paychecks immediately.

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